Doggie Daycare

Woman petting old black lab.

In addition to luxury dog boarding, Paw Print Inn also offers Doggie Daycare services that set us apart from other dog kennels in Michigan. There is nothing better than a day of play for social dogs. Canine guests are grouped by similar interests and activity levels for the best play experience. Daycare provides your dog with an energy outlet as well as a way to remain active, especially during long cold winters.

●       All playgroups are 100% supervised by our Pet Care Services- trained staff to ensure a safe and stimulating environment.

●       Guests can romp on soft K9 grass in our fenced, heated, outdoor exercise pens or work out on play equipment in our spacious, cushioned playrooms.

●       For further piece-of-mind, daycare activities can be viewed on our daycare webcams (indoor only).

Dog Daycare Pricing & Packages

If you’re looking for doggie daycare in Michigan, Paw Print Inn can help. Daycare accommodations are limited, so please book ahead to secure your spot. Each daycare guest must complete a successful Day Care Evaluation on their first day.

Day Care Hours

Monday–Friday 6:30AM – 6:30PM

Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Dogs not picked up by closing time will be considered boarding guests and will be charged boarding fee.